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Series Detail: Caelan
Series No: A2000157
Series Name: Caelan
Style: Contemporary
Grouping: Accents
Division: Signature Accessory
Series Intro Date: 4/9/2015 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Items in Caelan series:

Item #
(Image) Item Description
(Detail Page) Dimensions
(Inches)/(Metric) Weight
(lbs)/(kg) Parts
Drawing Parts
List Instructions Mechanism Guides
A2000157 Candle Holder (Set of 3)(2/CS)
8/3.63 VIEW


The Florentina Collection. The elaborate designs of Old World Europe are treated with a distinct modern touch in the Florentina Collection. The elegant pedestal base table serves as the focal point of this stunning dining offering. With details such as shell and acanthus leaf scrolling which grace the table’s apron to the eye-catching jewel tufting of the accompanying chairs, which reflect with a brilliance intended to accentuate the dusky taupe coloring of the faux silk and the rich silver – with gold undertone – finish of the wood veneer. The acanthus motif is carried over to the display china, along with carved cabriole feet, delicately designed knob hardware, glass shelving, and drawer storage, complete the traditional look of the collection.


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