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Series Detail: Larchmont
Series No: D421
Series Name: Jorwyn
Style: Contemporary
Grouping: Dining
Division: Signature Casegoods
Series Intro Date: 1/6/2015 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Items in Jorwyn series:

Item #
(Image) Item Description
(Detail Page) Dimensions
(Inches)/(Metric) Weight
(lbs)/(kg) Parts
Drawing Parts
List Instructions Mechanism Guides
D442-00 Large UPH Dining Room Bench 46.50” W x 17.50” D x 19.50” H
1181.10mm W x 444.50mm D x 495.30mm H
40.81/18.511 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-01 Dining UPH Side Chair (2/CN) 21.50” W x 25.00” D x 40.00” H
546.10mm W x 635.00mm D x 1016.00mm H
28.05/12.72 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-09 Extra Large UPH DRM Bench 76.50” W x 17.50” D x 19.75” H
1943.10mm W x 444.50mm D x 501.65mm H
69.3/31.43 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-124 Upholstered Barstool (2/CN) 19.38” W x 22.25” D x 42.00” H
492.13mm W x 565.15mm D x 1066.80mm H
27.5/12.47 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-224 Upholstered Barstool (2/CN) 20.00” W x 25.00” D x 40.00” H
508.00mm W x 635.00mm D x 1016.00mm H
25.355/11.501 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-25 Rectangular Dining Room Table 40.00” W x 63.00” D x 30.25” H
1016.00mm W x 1600.20mm D x 768.35mm H
125.4/56.88 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-32 DRM Counter Butterfly EXT TBL 54.00” W x 54.25” D x 36.00” H
1371.60mm W x 1377.95mm D x 914.40mm H
182.6/82.826 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-45 RECT Dining Room EXT Table 42.00” W x 90.00” D x 30.25” H
1066.80mm W x 2286.00mm D x 768.35mm H
171.6/77.836 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-80 Dining Room Buffet 55.25” W x 18.50” D x 36.00” H
1403.35mm W x 469.90mm D x 914.40mm H
147.4/66.86 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D442-81 Dining Room China 51.75” W x 18.63” D x 44.13” H
1314.45mm W x 473.08mm D x 1120.77mm H
169.4/76.839 VIEW VIEW VIEW


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