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Series Detail: Baxenburg
Series No: D506
Series Name: Baxenburg
Style: Traditional
Grouping: Dining
Division: Signature Casegoods
Series Intro Date: 6/29/2016 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Items in Baxenburg series:
Item #
(Image) Item Description
(Detail Page) Dimensions
(Inches)/(Metric) Weight
(lbs)/(kg) Parts
Drawing Parts
List Instructions Mechanism Guides
D506-01 Dining UPH Side Chair (2/CN) 19.00” W x 23.00” D x 40.50” H
482.60mm W x 584.20mm D x 1028.70mm H
D506-124 Upholstered Barstool (2/CN) 19.00” W x 22.75” D x 43.50” H
482.60mm W x 577.85mm D x 1104.90mm H
D506-32 Square DRM Counter Table 54.00” W x 54.00” D x 36.31” H
1371.60mm W x 1371.60mm D x 922.27mm H
141/63.96 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D506-35 RECT Dining Room EXT Table 44.00” W x 72.00” D x 30.31” H
1117.60mm W x 1828.80mm D x 769.87mm H
162/73.48 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D506-60 Dining Room Server 63.81” W x 18.25” D x 36.56” H
1620.77mm W x 463.55mm D x 928.62mm H
165/74.84 VIEW VIEW VIEW


The Deryn Park Collection. Walking into the dining room that is occupied by the Deryn Park Collection will immediately invoke your love of the traditional aesthetic. Stately from every angle, sophisticated design elements blend to create this beautiful collection. Burl inset flanks the book-match veneered cherry-finished tabletop. With two table options – the rectangular double pedestal base, and the oval topped single pedestal – the collection allows you the flexibility to fit the scale of your dining room. Each chair features an elaborately designed back and a richly hued fabric cover. The china and coordinating server provide ample display and storage space for your tabletop accessories. The cherry finish is highlighted by gold tipping that accentuates the traditional feel of elegant Deryn Park Collection.


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