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Series Detail: Leahlyn
Series No: D626
Series Name: Leahlyn
Style: Traditional
Grouping: Dining
Division: Signature Casegoods
Series Intro Date: 9/26/2015 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Items in Leahlyn series:

Item #
(Image) Item Description
(Detail Page) Dimensions
(Inches)/(Metric) Weight
(lbs)/(kg) Parts
Drawing Parts
List Instructions Mechanism Guides
D626-01 Dining UPH Side Chair (2/CN) 19.63” W x 22.63” D x 41.00” H
498.60mm W x 574.80mm D x 1041.40mm H
22.5/10.21 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D626-01A Dining UPH Arm Chair (2/CN) 26.25” W x 23.00” D x 40.75” H
666.75mm W x 584.20mm D x 1035.05mm H
D626-35 RECT Dining Room EXT Table 42.13” W x 87.25” D x 30.13” H
1070.10mm W x 2216.15mm D x 765.30mm H
150/68.04 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D626-80 Dining Room Buffet 57.13” W x 17.38” D x 39.50” H
1451.10mm W x 441.45mm D x 1003.30mm H
158/71.67 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D626-81 Dining Room Hutch 57.25” W x 17.13” D x 45.50” H
1454.15mm W x 435.10mm D x 1155.70mm H
185/83.91 VIEW VIEW VIEW


The Russian Hill Collection. An elegant double pedestal table serves the main course of this refined collection. Acanthus scroll design encompasses the table apron and compliments the wood framed fabric chairs. The stately china stands as the focal point topped with a carved shell accent and elaborate acanthus scroll design. The server features faux marble top, glass and wood door fronts, wine storage as well as a service drawer.


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