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Series Detail: Parlone
Series No: D721
Series Name: Parlone
Style: Casual
Grouping: Dining
Division: Signature Casegoods
Series Intro Date: 10/5/2016 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Items in Parlone series:

Item #
(Image) Item Description
(Detail Page) Dimensions
(Inches)/(Metric) Weight
(lbs)/(kg) Parts
Drawing Parts
List Instructions Mechanism Guides
D721-00 N Large Dining Room Bench 66.00” W x 16.00” D x 18.00” H
1676.40mm W x 406.40mm D x 457.20mm H
85.25/38.67 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D721-01 Dining UPH Side Chair (2/CN) 20.00” W x 23.00” D x 38.00” H
508.00mm W x 584.20mm D x 965.20mm H
29.76/13.5 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D721-25 N Rectangular Dining Room Table 78.00” W x 38.00” D x 30.00” H
1981.20mm W x 965.20mm D x 762.00mm H
180.62/81.93 VIEW VIEW VIEW
D721-60 N Dining Room Server 57.00” W x 18.00” D x 38.00” H
1447.80mm W x 457.20mm D x 965.20mm H
203.28/92.21 VIEW VIEW VIEW


The Elsmere Collection. From the feminine shape of the china cabinet to the flair of feathered scroll that graces each piece of the dining suite, the romantic classicism of French provincial is perfectly executed. An antique gray finish is utilized to highlight the pine solids and tropical veneers with subtle silver tipping accents. Antiqued hardware with an elegant design that so perfectly compliments the look of the group provides additional decorative accenting.


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